Learning Histories LO3770

Mon, 20 Nov 1995 14:14:16 -0500

Re: LO3719 from Margie Mulligan on Senge & Simon presentation and question
about learning histories:

Margie--You may recall my presentation to The Learning Community a couple
of months ago on the learning history I did for Bill Isaacs' (MIT OLC and
founder of DIA*logos) dialogue project with the healthcare community in
Grand Junction, CO. The learning history documented the experience,
process, learning, and results of this nearly two-year project.

In addition to this learning history and the work at Ford, there have been
learning histories done at several other companies which have been OLC
members, including AT&T, GS Technologies, Harley Davidson, Pacific Bell
and others. I believe most of these reports have been done for internal
use and are not generally available. George Roth and Art Kleiner,
founders of the new company, Reflection Learning Associates, have headed
the Learning History work at MIT and may have some additional references.
e-mail: groth@mit.edu

Most of these learning histories have been done retrospectively--looking
back on the process and its successes and weaknesses with the benefit of
hindsight. I did the Grand Junction dialogue report through interviews
with the participants (right after the final meeting and again six months
later) and by reviewing transcripts and videotapes of their dialogue
sessions. Lengthy interviews with Mitch Saunders, the co-leader of the
project, gave the perspective on the dialogue technique and exercises used
to teach and facilitate the sessions.

Let me know if you need any more specifics

Diane Weston