Senge/Simon on LO in SF LO3719

Mulligan, Margie (MMulligan@OS.Varian.COM)
Tue, 14 Nov 95 19:37:00 PST

I went to hear Peter Senge and Fred Simon "speak the gospel" last
Friday in San Francisco along with 650 other people. Six of our
manufacturing and R&E management came with me. In a well-
planned 1 day workshop, we were given a taste of how to build
competency in each of the three cornerstones (and thus 5 disciplines).
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and started building a broader base of
shared experience with the 5 disciplines.

After 1 year of sampling and experimenting with the _... Fieldbook_,
it was good to have a chance to re-integrate the five disciplines.
It did my heart good to see these managers and supervisors
"inspired" by the eloquence and vision of these two experts. We
are truely SOCIAL BEINGS...there's nothing like seeing someone
in person when compared with reading the same message in a book.

One issue which Fred Simon (from Ford...Continental) described, and which
Peter built on, is the issue of interface with the larger organization by
a sub-system...some "sphere of influence" smaller than the whole company.
In other words, "What can I do when my president/CEO's not on board?" In
Fred's case it was the [Lincoln] Continental development project. In our
case it is manufacturing and parts of R&E.

Peter said that there is much to do in understanding this issue (I sensed
a bit of "damage control" in his comment). He did mention two efforts
that are addressing the issue:
1. developing a learning historian - jointly told tales (as the military
2. training for executive champions to demystify LO

My questions for the mail list are these:

1. Do any of you create, archive & use learning histories? How?
2. Have any of you been able to create executive champions for local
LO efforts? How?
3. Can any of you recommend manufacturing or R&E management
who are applying LO concepts in a larger organization where there
is not, currently top executive support? (if confidential, send mail
to me personally, not on the list)

P.S. There was only one response on my archetypes request. Doesn't
anyone use the archetypes out there?

Margie Mulligan<>
Mgr. Continuous Improvement