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Walter Derzko (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 11:51:39 -0500 (EST)

I am developing a concept for a learning org tool that can best be
described as a "creativity audit"

Most T&D programs and Learning org models ignore or dismiss the basics and
practitioners then wonder why people have trouble generating ideas.

Along with literacy and numerousy, both critical and creative thinking -
on-demand - are generic core elements of learning but somehow in practise
they often get ignored or dismissed as basic core competencies.

Furthermore, thinking skills are not reinforced in most higher order
applications in training and development programs that I've looked at such
as communications, team-building, and TQM.

When a thought about creativity is included it ignores the cognitive
aspects (what's the thinking at this stage of the operation) and usually
focuses in on just problem-solving (deviations from the norm or baseline)
which usually leads to marginal, incremental improvements instead of
significant new concepts or breakthrough ideas. In other cases, trainers
have staff go through brain teasers or mental gymnastics that have no
direct relations to the issues at hand. Most TQM programs ignore the
"design" idiom, that can generate new concepts and ideas.

And back in the organization the situations are even worse. Most
institutions are creatures of routine and repetition. Once radical or
breakthrough ideas are created there are few systems or mechanims to
foster and promote them. Where is does happen, it seems to be the
exception instead of the rule.

I've been working on a concept of a generic creativity audit. It looks at
any organization from a systems perspective and at several meta-levels
(individual, group, organizational and the external environment) and I'm
working on several presentation formats: audit/checklist and fault-tree. I
suspect that in the future a software version could be possible.

Is anyone else out there working in the same direction. I've tested parts
of it with several clients, but I beleive it needs more fine tuning.

Would some company like to act as a Beta test site ?

I'm also looking for collaberators on this project who can add any new
dimensions and participate in the marketing and commercial end of this

Please respond to me directly at <>

If you are a conceptual, lateral thinker and would like to get involved in
the development stages ( I'm not looking for investors) please email me
indicating what your contribution to this project could be (be specific)
or by mail to:

Walter Derzko
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