Re: Ishmael & Narratives LO3636

Willard Jule (
04 Nov 95 14:49:22 EST

Replying to LO3612 --

In the thread on stories and laws, there seems to be a view that laws are
passe and sterile and that stories carry the richness of life. I would
suggest that "In the beginning there were laws and there still are laws."
Stories simply manifest the uncountable myriad ways that those laws can
play out. No laws, no stories.

If people understood the laws and the systems connectedness of everything
we do then they would have a frame of reference within which to develop a
way of being that would answer Ishmael's question re: how do we live as
leavers in today's world?

I have posted four principles (laws) in this forum recently that I believe
are the underpinnings for developing this way of being. They are: the
effectiveness principle, the ineffectiveness principle, the
complementarity principle, and the principle of peak performance. Some of
you may recall them. It is in the framework of these principles that I
posited that it would help us all dialogue more openly if we would drop
the concept of morality and shoulds and judgmentalness from our mental

This may sound like I am amoral. However, the underlying construct is
that I believe the shorthand of morality is so constrictive that we would
all be better off if we didn't have the concept at all. Morality as
purveyed in its implementing form of value's statements hides our left
hand page and makes clear, exploratory communication darn nigh impossible.

Willard Jule