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Wed, 1 Nov 1995 22:44:56 -0500

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Ed Miville writes (direct to me):
>Do you know where I might locate these videos? I'd appreciate some guidance
>here. Thanks. Ed Miville

Peter Senge has appeared in five videoconferences regarding LO that I know
of. The first of these, broadcast in the spring of 1993 was pretty much a
hodge-podge, although it contained a precious moment with W. Edwards
Deming that was worth the price of admission. Arguing that tests should
be done away with, Deming was challenged by an education administrator who
asked, (words like) "If you do away with tests, how will you know if the
kids are learning anything?" to which Deming replied, "Ask them. They
know if they're learning anything."

Anyway, I don't remember the title of that program, but I believe it was
"Building the Learning Organization." In December of 1993, a much better
program aired which focused on the five disciplines and was led by Senge.
Except that he never quite got into the fifth discipline itself (systems
thinking) very much, this program is an excellent introduction to the
concepts, and is called "Cornerstones of the Learning Organization." The
series of three called "Applying the Principles..." to which I referred in
my post were broadcast in Dec 94, March 95 and May 95. The March
broadcast contains one of the most extraordinary conversations ever
conducted on television. All of these broadcasts are distributed on
videocassette by the producer, Norman Klotz. Contact: NAK Production
Associates, 1422 Fenwick Lane, Silver Spring MD, 301/565-0355.

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