STIA- Action Design LO2997

Sat, 30 Sep 1995 01:10:34 +0000

Here are my notes/thoughts from the 1995 Systems Thinking in Action
Conference, "Building Organizational Learning Infrastructures," Sep.
18-20, 1995, Boston.

B09 - Creating Effective Interventions by Surfacing Mental Models
Robert Putnam, Action Design

An expanded double-loop learning model was presented. Two boxes
labeled Context and Action Model feed into a box labeled Framing (how we
perceive the task, ourself, and others that leads us to act as we do)
which feeds into a box labeled Acting (what we say and do along with our
left-hand column) which feeds into a box labeled Result. There is a
feedback to Acting labeled React (single-loop learning) a feedback to
Framing labeled Reframing and a feedback to Context and Action Model
labeled Redesign. Most of the session involved reading a conversation
that occurred at a meeting, developing what we thought was the
participants left-hand column, discussing what we put down, and
roll-playing, discussing possible interventions, and seeing some of the
defensive routines we were engaging in.

Jim Saveland
USDA Forest Service