STIA- Dialogue LO2995

Sat, 30 Sep 1995 01:10:34 +0000

Here are my notes/thoughts from the 1995 Systems Thinking in Action
Conference, "Building Organizational Learning Infrastructures," Sep.
18-20, 1995, Boston.

A07 - Dialogue and the Creation of Learning Infrastructures
Mitch Saunders, DIA-LOGOS & Dale Wood, Sisters of Charity Healthcare

There was some presentation of what dialogue is and why its important.
There was an interesting role-playing exercise with a CEO, his/her Direct
Reports, and Strategic Business Unit Presidents. The Direct Reports are
presenting their plan for restructuring and the SBU Presidents are
skeptical. The CEO has high confidence in his/her Direct Reports, but
doubts the skills and abilities of some of the SBU Presidents. The people
doing the role playing did a good job of not using much data, inquiry, or
listening; and being defensive, arrogant, and blaming the other group.
The audience could readily relate to similar situations and a debrief

Jim Saveland
USDA Forest Service