Ottawa Trng & Tech Showcase LO2974

Marty R. Milette (milettem@Cognos.COM)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:16:32 -0400

Hello fellow netters: (Sorry for multiple postings if you get them!)

As many of you know, I'm the membership director for the Ottawa chapter of
the Ontario Society for Training and Development.

Since approximately one third of our members are training consultants or
vendors, sometime in March, we will be hosting a "Training and Technology
Showcase". The goal of this event is to allow our training vendors to
present their wares to training managers and purchasers of training goods
and services.

Since this mailing group is international by nature, I understand that 99%
of the readers wouldn't be able to attend in person but if anyone is
interested in sending a 'sample', 'demo', brochures or even business
cards, I would be pleased to put them at an unattended display.

If software vendors are interested in sending an evaluation or demo copy
of their software or self-running demo, I plan on having between 10 and 16
'486-based PCs on which the software could be installed. (If space becomes
tight for PCs, running software takes priority over self-running demos.)
The idea here is to make available all sorts of software products and let
the people 'play' with them. (Once installed, any software would be safely
locked away.)

I'd also like to reserve one of the computers to duplicate shareware

For those people who may be interested in attending as a visitor or guest,
the entrance fee would probably be FREE for OSTD members and under $10CAN
(or so) for non-members. We're expecting to serve free wine and cheese.

For exhibitors, we are looking at around $50 for members and around $100
for non-members. This would include a table and power but you'd have to
bring any PCs, power bars, extension cords, the usuall stuff.

My full address is:

Marty R. Milette
Cognos, Inc.
3755 Riverside Drive, Box 9707, Stn. T
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1G 4K9
(613) 738-1338 ext. 3319

PS: In response to our recent discussions on sharing information - I'M ALL
FOR IT! To prove my point, check out where
you will find FREE software, information and links to other training


 *If you don't like what you read, don't blame Cognos...