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Matzdorf, Fides (
Wed, 27 Sep 95 16:10:00 0BS

Replying to LO2941 --

Replying to Ivan Blanco, who wrote:

" [...] I don't think that I understand very clearly
our relation with death... and pain! I personally place death as an
inseparable part of living. Death is also the most certain event in life!
Pain also has been a lilfe event that we has really fought to eliminate at
any cost, including learning and growth."

On this topic, have you read "Work, Death, and Life Itself" by Burkard
Sievers (de Gruyter, Berlin/New York 1994)? One of the things it's on
about is that as long as organizations (and the people in them) cling to
myths of immortality, this prevents organizational learning, maturity and

On the other hand, I think a lot of learning happens with an unnecessary
amount of pain...

Fides Matzdorf