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> sessions. The biggest "aha" for me that day was our conversation around
> death and destruction and its relationship to environmental as well as
> organizational transformation. It seems that we want to ignore death in
> our organizations and in our culture.
> It is always about growth. Yet continuous, rapid growth is cancer in the
> cells. So I'm wondering what others think about the process of
> transformation. Does our difficulty acknowledging/accepting death impede
> our ability to transform?.

I would also like to see the paper! I don't think that I
understand very clearly our relation with death... and pain! I personally
place death as an inseparable part of living. Death is also the most
certain event in life! Pain also has been a lilfe event that we has
really fought to eliminate at any cost, including learning and growth. We
develop an acute intolerance for pain, which is find for the drug
industry! This attitude may be interfering with our transformation
through learning, because we miss many signs. An analogy I use is that of
a headache. Most people run to the medicine cabinet when they have a
headache and take a few Tylenol, without giving themselves time to learn
more about themselves. They may learn to overcome some headaches by the
use of their brain, for instance. Or they may be silencing very important
signals of something more serious that might be happening to their bodies.
The body may start to send signals through headaches to the brain as
instructions to take more definite actions (for example: to visit the
doctor). Our reaction to death and pain may be hindering our ability to
learn and grow. I see similar manisfestations in organizations as well.
After all, organizations are people too!


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