Re: LO as Hype/Fad? LO2909

Thomas Bertels (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 20:21:53 +0200

Replying to LO2890 --

>The work of Taylor is not a fad and will not go away either. The
>mechanistic world is over as an exclusive guiding metaphor but not
>yet as pragmatic or useful one.
>I suggest that the challenge of the times is to be able to shift
>guiding metaphors - even cosmologies - as appropriate and to be able
>to discern appropriateness. Also that it will be the synthesis - or
>recombinations - of the various metpahors that will provide the most

Indeed this is a point of view I really like. Why do not maintain
mechanical views of the world for the standard business process in order
to reach economies of scale. A company cannot apply this approach to the
demands of the future but standards once reached in business can sure be
handled from a mechanical point of view...

Thomas Bertels