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Mariann Jelinek (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 14:19:55 -0500

Replying to LO2896 --

Ivan's list of how we lose the kids' traits of inquiry is striking:

>- Our parents who constantly ask us to stop asking "why"!
>- Our teachers in school, from K through College, who demand compliance and
> conformance, and present themselves as the only source of knowledge, etc.
>- Our managers who insist that we are paid to work and not to think.
>- Our churches that prensent us with ideas that cannot be questioned.

Ivan's right; we can find lots of "good reasons" why people cease
to question. I'd add that such inquiry is hard work; that it requires
acknowledging that we don't know it all (tough!); and truly accepting our
own ignorance is a profoundly trusting thing to do, trusting that we'll
figure it out, in a world full of inducements to paranoia (like virtually
every newspaper's conspiracy theory of whatevr). For myself, as a
subversive of all that certainty by profession (university professor), I
find the task of reinstating the spirit of questioning, inquiry and
learning far more apropos. When I succeed in encouraging my students to
question, I am delighted!


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