Re: Anonymity in Meetings LO2902

Dr. Ivan Blanco (BLANCO@BU4090.BARRY.EDU)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 16:06:32 -0400 (EDT)

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> Date: Wed, 13 Sep 95 07:53:27 -0700
> Subject: Re: Anonymity in Meetings LO2785

> Since I clearly don't know the CEO in question, I won't even try to
> argue with your judgment.
> I was trying to make a more general point: some people like their
> ideas to be blended into those of a group and are motivated by that
> feeling of "teamness." Others, however, may be more motivated by
> being explicitly identified with their ideas and be willing to risk
> the failure of the idea as long as they also reap rewards if the idea
> turns out well.

Would this preference be determined in part by the reward system in place?
If the company is looking for individual heroes, then some people might
feel more inclined to have their ideas clearly identified as theirs. But
if an organization emphasizes an environment of cooperation and teamness,
through the reward systems, the work assignments, etc., then we might have
a higher preference for the blending of ideas.


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