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Wed, 13 Sep 95 07:53:27 -0700

Replying to LO2753 --

Since I clearly don't know the CEO in question, I won't even try to
argue with your judgment.

I was trying to make a more general point: some people like their
ideas to be blended into those of a group and are motivated by that
feeling of "teamness." Others, however, may be more motivated by
being explicitly identified with their ideas and be willing to risk
the failure of the idea as long as they also reap rewards if the idea
turns out well.

Joe Podolsky

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Subject: Re: Anonymity in Meetings LO2753
Date: 9/11/95 3:28 PM

Hm. When my wife tells me of the idiosyncrasies of some acquaintance of
_hers_ whom _I've_ never met, I used to habitually remonstrate, searching
for alternative interpretations of prima-facie loathsome behavior, etc.
We all do that. We do it a lot more, I've come to realize, than we know.

So my instinctive first retort to your suggestion is: "No." Then I think
about it, and evaluate, and try to see the matter from another perspective.

Well, then I say "no" again. Having been challenged, having examined my
assumptions, reviewed the evidence so far as I remember it (this was about
ten years ago), evaluated what I know of the man since that time, in the
most open-minded spirit that I can muster up this evening, I have to let
my original judgement stand.

Openness is wonderful. What is, is.

Jim Michmerhuizen
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     Joe Podolsky