Re: Perception training exercises LO2900

Doug Blair (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 10:06:38 -0700

Replying to LO2868 --

>From Bruce's post:
>... I have yet to see either an individual or group
>voluntarily explore the option of going with an "a + b" option. Most
>managers feel that they prove their insight or intellectual horsepower by
>the ever so clever route they pursued in reaching the conclusion to select
>"a" vs "b." In most of these instances a better choice would have been
>the "A+B" option. Unfortunately most decision makers assume that this
>most profitable middle ground is not a legitimate choice. ...

I see management struggling with the A+B option all the time. But that may
simply be a difference in our samples.

There's a caveat in the A+B option that is occasionally overlooked: In the
final implementation, have the merits of both A and B been incorporated -
or somewhere along the way did it become "the worst of both worlds"?
Hence, contributing to the declining reputation of compromise and

Not that A+B doesn't work. I just think that one must pay particular
attention to the details in how the implementation evolves. New dynamics
are often introduced that are not obvious up front.

Doug Blair