What makes leaders Change? LO2865

David J. Skyrme (david@pop3.hiway.co.uk)
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 19:37:47 +0100

Replying to LO2781 -- was: Intro -- Martin Raff

Martin gave a glimpse into his practical expereince and leadership viz:

> I led a Deming based transformation programme involving all the 5000
people > we employed in the Region. We aimed to become a learning organisation.

I would be interested in what caused you/your organisation to adopt this
vision and

What were your first steps?
What kind of reaction did you receive?

You ask:
> I am particularly interested in what
> motivates leaders to change the way they lead. What can stimulate self
> awareness and a desire to do things differently?

Without being too simplistic - PAIN and GAIN

PAIN - poor performance, pressure for results, or simply peer pressure -
it often pays to have an antagonist, either among your own employees or
from an outsider. I know of several senior managers who finally moved when
being told some home truths in a non-threatening way. Some experts (or at
least line managers) believe that only pain will force a change in some

GAIN - many are achievement oriented, and will jump at ways to improve
performance, personal standing etc.

As in all these situations it often pays to find out their influence
points, which may be quite unusual. It may be a professional organisation,
an external guru, or even a comic book story!

But - I'm sure you have some answeres yourself - how did it happen in your


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