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Replying to LO2798 --

> Jim Michmerhuizen
>. . . . . . . . . . Actions speak louder than words . . . . . . . . . .
> . . . . . . . . . . but not as clearly . . . .(depends on
who is listening as your note suggested)

Just a response to Jim's note on the need for a diversity of response
patterns. I just happened to receive the following, which is an excerpt
from a note on friends I used to work with, who went through a change in
leadership(turned out to be short term as the nominal leader moved on to
bigger and better?). I thought you would find this staff level observation
appropriate(real Life situations):

"Had lunch with Joan and Ivy today. It was nice seeing them. Joan is doing
a lot better since Ora(was the new leader) left. It is amazing how much
emotional damage was
done in such a short time and the affects are still lingering.
(this leader tended to discount input based on perception of loyalty,
communicability, and style, lessing contact for those with a different
approach than hers......the note then continues).

Read an interesting book the other day. One of the characters could see
and hear but was otherwise immobilized. It appeared as if there was the
ability to use speech, arms and hands but there wasn't. The character
wanted to complete tasks...tasks that required the ability to write, speak
and touch. The frustration was physically palpable. Only being able to
see and hear was not enough to communicate to others the need for
'something' to look at or listen to. Something the character could
respond to or confirm to the character that there was some type of
communication in process with the others in the story. Unable to ask for
what was needed, or physically reach out to touch, or gesture for
communication, the character mentally and emotionally withdrew from the
surroundings. Withdrew to live the life of a sad, lonely vegetable. It
was an interesting story with a few bizarre characters. I think the point
the author was making was that human beings aren't mind readers therefore
an elaborate pattern of communication is often necessary to keep fellow
humans on the same wave length."

I find the observation touches a perceptual cord in my experience. I will
endeavour to find the name of the book that is mentioned for anyone interested.

Anonymous meetings may be another very usable door in the tools for
deepening our understaning and information links that hold our systems

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