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Barry Deutsch (
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 15:10:53 -0700

I have been lurking for a few months and responding to a few messages. I
thought it might be time to introduce myself.

I am a principal in a firm which has four main business elements - all of
which are bound together by the theme of performance management. First, we
teach two seminar programs across the country to forums of
CEOs/owner-founders of entrepreneurial/emerging businesses. These two
well-known business forums are The Executive Committee (TEC) and Young
President's Organization (YPO). The seminars are Staffing Strategies, a
major paradigm shift in the interviewing and staffing process; The
Manager's Edge, a program to teach high-leverage coaching skills to
managers/executives. Second, we have taken this seminar program and turned
it into a windows-based expert system for staffing and hiring decision
making. Third, we offer executive search and a variety of placement
services. Finally, we conduct organizational audits to determine the
connection between company/department goals and individual performance.

My personal interest is in the area of measuring individual performance,
the linkage back to corporate goals, and how managers become more
effective leaders through choosing people (through hiring or promotion).
Our passion for performance management and our philosophy of how to
measure it are so far out on the edge of current management beliefs that
convincing managers to use a different paradigm is the hardest part of
what we do. Regards,

Barry Deutsch
The Adler Group
Staffing Strategies and The Managers' Edge Seminar Programs
World Class Staffing Software for Hiring Managers
Performance-based Executive Search
Telephone: (310) 378-4571/Fax: (310) 791-4433

-- (Barry Deutsch)