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Beth responded to the following comment

>"I had yesterday a lunch with the boss of a french data processing company
>(about 2000 persons). He is reorganizing his company along competence
>centers. In the process, he discovered that 10% of the workforce had
>competence that was of no use to the company. He dismissed most of them.
>My question is :
>- would this be a fact in most companies?
>- do companies have feedback that tell them that the people who work for
>them have obsolete competences?
>- could we design a system to get this feedback?"

It is called performance management or Management by Objectives. First,
the corporation sets the strategic goals, these role down to department
levels, and then on to the individual performance targets. The employee
either hits the targets or they don't. The reward/punishment system
supports the MBO system. These performance targets for hiring, promotion,
and reward are leading indicators of company/departmental/personal
performance. Competencies can be misleading indicators of performance or
capability. For example, if one of my competencies is Total Quality
Systems/Management -- it doesn't mean I am capable of implementing a new
Quality system/effort.

Would anyone care to disagree. Once again, the concept of competencies in
a corporation are misleading indicators of future performance. It is the
application of these competencies/past achievements/accomplishments that
indicate a person's future ability to meet goals/objectives.


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