For Authors of Messages LO2805

Richard Karash (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 22:29:26 -0400 (EDT)

Anyone authoring a message during the past few days will get one or more
"undeliverable" notices. Sorry, they shouldn't be going to you, and I've
complained to the sys admin people at the site.

While we are here:

1) Please leave the LO### in the subject line when you reply to a
message. My software inserts the line "Replying to LO###" and puts a new
LO### in the subject line.

2) Please sign messages with name and email address. I prefer you put two
hyphens alone on a line before the signature. (see my example below)

3) If you receive "undeliverable" notices from strange addresses, just
ignore them.

4) Be careful not to send anything twice to the list. (it might get
distributed twice). If in doubt, send me an email (my address below).

AND... Thank you all for your wonderful contributions. I get a lot of
positive feedback from readers and the credit is to you, the authors.

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