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Wed, 13 Sep 1995 20:40:12 -0500

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Bernard Girard in LO 2788 writes
>...Their confidence in their employer is going down, so is most
>probably (but this we do not know yet) their commitment. When they choose
>a job inside the company they start asking : will it help me find a new
>job when on the labor market... Dit you notice in the states, in
>Australia, or wherever you are, this kind of evolution?

Oh yes. In fact, Tom Peters (management consultant in USA) suggests that
people _should_ look at each job in terms of what it adds to their
resume... and that companies should be interested in whether each day's
activity makes the employee more marketable. If not (in either case) the
employee is doing the wrong job.

As for commitment, we need to be aware of _what_ the person is committed
to... In the past they might have been committed to the company... but
not to the _work_... and so perhaps the quality of the work was not the
best. Now often a person is more committed to doing a good job than they
are to the company... and if the company doesn't value their work (support
them in terms of time or material needed to produce quality) they will
move to another company.

Yes... times are changing.


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