Time frames LO2788

Bernard Girard (bgirard@Dialup.FranceNet.fr)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 19:01:22 +0000

Was: Leadership and Personality LO2755

To Dave Buffenbarger and all others about time frames

Workers (manual as well as managers) live here in Europe a real change in
their time frames. They used to enter a company for life (or, at least, to
beleive they would until they decided it would be better to change). They
now have much shorter timeframes. They are very often engaged for
contracts limited in times (5, 6, 10 months=8A). It starts to change their
behavior. Their confidence in their employer is going down, so is most
probably (but this we do not know yet) their commitment. When they choose
a job inside the company they start asking : will it help me find a new
job when on the labor market... Dit you notice in the states, in
Australia, or wherever you are, this kind of evolution?

Bernard Girard