Don't All Orgs Learn? LO2707

Chris Lombardo (
Fri, 08 Sep 95 08:17:52 EST

Dear LOers:

Perhaps this is obvious, but I believe that there is value in making
the implicit explicit.

When we use the term "organizational learning" - do we mean
"intentional" learning? Don't all organizations "learn"? I believe
(don't know") that traditional organizations "teach" the many of the
learning disabilities: I am my position; I am powerless to effect
change; any new program/policy/process is politically motivated,
represents the "fad of the month" and will not make a difference;
people need to be controlled else they will take advantage of the
organization, asking for help or admitting that I don't know is a sign
of weakness.

What do we have to give up in order to wonder? What do organizations
have to "unlearn" in order to create a space where "intentional"
learning can take place? What must I learn?

Chris Lombardo at AHR-CMD-NT1@MAIL.HQ.FAA.GOV