Chas. Handy "Beyond Certainty" LO2704

Joe O'Keeffe (
08 Sep 95 04:49:00 EDT

Just to contribute my small tuppence-worth in return for all the great
stuff I learn hanging around the LO street-corner :

There is a new book by Charles Handy "Beyond Certainty" LO kindred
spirit well worth reading. He talks of Federalism & Subsidiarity, e.g.
Galvin of Motorola tells his salesforce that they have all the authority
of the Chairman 'when they are with customers'...neat. Talks about
Barnevick & ABB & 'centralised reporting' not 'centralised control'. Also
see quote from another great Irishman, Edmund Burke, on p37 'centralised
power would always lead to bureaucratic procedures that ultimately stifle
innovation, stamp out individual differences, and therefore inhibit
growth'. [Incidentally, he was born c.1725 and being Irish, was very
supportive of the American Colonies. "American colonies, Ireland, France
and India Harried, and Burke's great melody against it."...W.B.Yeats, The
Seven Sages. This led Conor Cruise O'Brien to write a book on Burke "The
Great Melody"...what a lovely description of one life].

Recently finished Fritz's 'Path of Least Resistance' (about 10 years after
everyone else). Terrific stuff on how we can be the creative force in our
own lives and underpins the whole Learning Org. 'mission'.

Host : am off on holidays now for two weeks (to sunny spain) and the tough
decision is to leave behind my lap-top and modem and not hear how you all
get on at the LO gathering in Boston. Request : that you or someone give
us a special report on the proceedings [without details of any drunken
brawls by LO types on Boston Common]. Best Regards to all and have a great

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