Re: Knowledge vs. Belief LO2683

jack hirschfeld (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 23:35:41 -0400

Replying to LO2660 --

Michael McMaster noted:

>I suggest a similar test for those who claim to "know" something
>about systems, or complexity or Interactive Management - let them
>demonstrate that their knowing is a source of effective action. (I
>include Interactive Management because it's John's creation and I
>know that he can provide the demonstration.)

Aha, Michael. And just how do you "know" that John can provide the
demonstration? Perhaps you've been there when he did it. If so, what's
the name for my "knowing" it, now that you've assured me that it's so?
Doesn't this take us back to the thread about knowledge embedded in
stories, and the use of story to transmit "knowing".

An interesting aspect of knowing-by-story for me is that our conversation
on that topic was surrounded by talk of tacit and tactile knowledge, and I
"knew" what was being talked about because I could feel the fleece of
imaginary sheep at my fingertips, even though I did not have the tactile
"knowledge" of the expert, and could not - for the life of me - translate
my "knowledge" into action, except by indirection...

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