Re: Mentomology: a new field? LO2682

jack hirschfeld (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 23:26:24 -0400

Replying to LO2662 --

>This note is to propose a new field of study called "Mentomology". It is
>the identification and classification of "Mindbugs". The name has been
>chosen to be in line with the growing tendency to make computers and
>people relatively compatible or congruent in sociotechnical systems.

John, I like the idea of mindbugs. Just think, if we work hard enough on
it, we won't have to think about how we think about things at all, an
expert system will be able to program us and even, if we're good little
people, de-bug us. In this context, the old chestnut about bugs being
unadvertised features takes on a new meaning. Think old Mr. God will need
a change in the marketing department?

Jack Hirschfeld                               How long has this been going on?