Re: Equalities and Org Design LO2677

Ray, James A (
Tue Sep 05 13:35 EDT 1995

Replying to LO2494 --

Dr Russ Vince and Charles Booth
Bristol Business School asked (21-Aug):

>What equality implications are contained in the emerging
>literature concerning network forms of organization?

A recent article in Organization Dynamics, Spring '95 extends the network
organization structure to an emergent structure: the rotatable sphere.
The authors, R. Miles and C. Snow, present a compelling argument for
moving toward this new structure and include a meaningful case study of
Technical and Computer Graphics (TCG), based in Australia.

In addition to the structural dimension, the authors also present The
Human Investment Philosophy as a critical success factor with this new
structural form. Perhaps a blend of Macgregor's Theory Y and Block's
Stewardship, this philosophy calls for trust, empowerment and continuous
investment in human development.

Overall, I consider "The New Network Firm: A Spherical Structure Built on
a Human Invesment Philosophy" to be a thought provoking and timely
article. I hope you find it useful in your research, and I would be very
interested in a digest of your findings on this topic.


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