Intro -- Ginny Belden LO2676
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 12:09:21 -0400

My name is Ginny Belden and I have been a reader only to this network for
several months. I have a request which is motivating me to figure out how
to send messages and become an interactive participant (I am not
completely computer averse, just a slow learner...). To introduce myself,
I am part of a consulting partnership, Belden Hyatt, working with our
associate partner, DAPA. Our work is focused in organizational learning.
We self-publish a book called "Towards the Learning Organization: A Guide"
which provides practical ideas on how to develop the practices of the
learning organization (see Senge's Fieldbook for a citation). Our deep
interest these days is in understanding how we make meaning as individuals
and groups and how that relates to transformation, facilitating the
meaning making process, and the use of image and story in that process. I
reside in St. Paul MN. My partners are in the north shore of Lake
Superior in Lutsen, MN (Marcia Hyatt) and Toronto (Debbie Ackley of DAPA).

I have enjoyed the dialogue, ideas and experiences shared on this network.
I loved the story writing that got started. Is it dormant or defunct?

Now for my request: I have a client for whom I need to establish site
visits. They are a division of a financial service company who have
recently gone to a team structure. They have several job levels within a
team, a "working" team leader, teams scattered geographically. They are
seeking other companies of like background (gee, this sound like a
personals ad...) who may be further along in the transition. The issues
they want to explore are leadership support needs, managing the levels and
geographic challenges, and the team leader role.

The ideal companies would be service providers (rather than manufacturing)
and California (L.A.) would be convenient because they will be there in
November for a meeting. However, location of company will not limit a
visit.I would appreciate any ideas of companies that match some or all of
these requirements and, if possible, a contact person and phone number. I
appreciate any help and would be glad to provide a summary back on the
visit(s), the process we use, and how it helped further this division's
learning. Please send information directly to me at

Ginny Belden
Belden Hyatt
2128 Sargent Ave.
St. Paul,  MN  55105-1127
phone:  (612) 698-7799  fax:  (612) 698-1873