Public Service Simulations LO2277

Alp Baysal (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 10:49:18 SAST-2

Replying to LO2272 --

> Simulations in policy analysis, economic development,
> cost/benefit decisions and sectoral subject areas such as
> fisheries management, transportation etc would be very much the
> type of exercise we are seeking.

In our System Dynamics classes and workshops we are using a simulation
game called "Fish Banks Ltd.". It is a role-playing simulation about the
principles of sustainable management for natural resources. It is based on
a Systems Dynamics model. We are using an archaic version of the game (I
think it is written in Basic) and I don't know whether there are any later

As the contact info I only have a phone no ( 603- 862-21 86) and the name
"National Diffusion Network" (I think it is a program of the U.S.
Department of Education). I hope you can make some sense of it.

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