Public Service Simulations LO2272

Olivero, Robert PSC (
Thu, 27 Jul 95 14:44:00 PDT

For some time now we have been seeking inter-active computer
based, simulation exercises to be used in training to expose
senior public service executives to decision-making - in a
manner similar to the experiences provided to business
executives through the use of business games and computer
simulations of business cases and scenarios. We have not been
able to find similar exercises for the public sector although we
know that such simulations exist for "war games" and budget
exercises and, as well, in some very good but limited, computer
games such as "SIMCITY".

Simulations in policy analysis, economic development,
cost/benefit decisions and sectoral subject areas such as
fisheries management, transportation etc would be very much the
type of exercise we are seeking.

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Bob Olivero
Chair and Deputy Minister
Newfoundland Public Service Commission
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