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Yes! Your thoughts below are on track.

In the strict sense of its use, the connection-making problem solving
method described and used by Gordon and Pose requires that these questions
be asked along the way. Let's see if I can explain it in a way you can

For the Paradox:
1. Does your paradox contain a conflict or inconsistency?
2. Is your Paradox a description of the distinctive and dominant elements
of the problem?
3. Is it concise?

For the Analogue:
1. Is your analogue a specific thing?
2. Does your analogue fit both parts of the Paradox?
3. Do you know enough about the Analogue to identify its Unique Activity?

For the Unique Activity:
1. Have you described the special way your Analogue works or acts? [in
the case of your response below, you chose not to elaborate or describe,
leaving it up to the reader's broader knowledge to intuit your meaning]
2. Have you made sure your unique activity is not too general?

For the Equivalent:
1. Does your equivalent express the problem in terms of Unique Activity?
2. Have you included all of the significant implications in your Unique

Out of the Equivalent comes the New Idea. Ask if you have produced
something useful, and; if not, what happened.

These principles come from "The New Art of the Possible: The Basic Course
in Synectics" by Gordon and Poze. It's interesting material. If you'd
like, Bryan, I'll throw another "problem description your way.

Thanks for responding, and best regards,
Barry Mallis

Here is my contribution:

PROBLEM: Failure of Company ABC's suggestion box program:

PARADOX: Controlled freedom

ANALOGY: A country where excessive government control stifles free

a) Self regulation by the contributors. E.g. People
take ownership for implementation of their own suggestions.
b) Company provides resource support structure.

Barry.. This is fun.. the technique is a neat way of helping 'out of the
box' thinking... Bryan

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