Re Emergent Learning LO2225

Bryan Walton (
Tue, 25 Jul 95 10:34 EDT

Replying to LO2164

Barry Mallis proposes:

>I have a group problem for us to solve. Put on your caps, find the
>paradox, provide what seems to be an unrelated analogy to the following
>situation, then see if your analog contains within it a
>quality/charactiertic/feature which promotes a leap of creativity back to
>the problem.

Here is my contribution:

PROBLEM: Failure of Company ABC's suggestion box program:

PARADOX: Controlled freedom

ANALOGY: A country where excessive government control stifles free

a) Self regulation by the contributors. E.g. People
take ownership for implementation of their own suggestions.
b) Company provides resource support structure.

Barry.. This is fun.. the technique is a neat way of helping 'out of the
box' thinking... Bryan

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