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Sat, 15 Jul 1995 19:14:54 -0400 (EDT)

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Hi Larry,

If you wish to seek for learning style profiles, I would have thought that
Honey & Mumford's learning style inventory is very helpful. Some people
prefer the one developed by D Kolb yet I find Honey & Mumford's inventory
very well designed. I have used that for making the senior executives more
aware of the learning style when they start taking part in the action
learning group so that they can be more aware of the different
orientations for learning. This sort of invertory is best not for
labelling or narrowing a person's learning style nor a measure of it. I
take the same views as many in this listserve who have expressed
reservation in using MBIT for selection or activities of related purposes.
However, the increase of knowledge and awareness to open oneself up for
learning will be meaningful.

The Team management Index is comparable to Myers-Briggs. Some suggested
that it bears the shadow of Belbin's inventory but Charles Magerison has
done this very well with Dick McCann in making this inventory a useful
one. It has been used for some years for developing teams as well.

Despite my support for the use of inventories, use it not for test (which
I did some years ago for selection). It can be misleading. However, they
can be rich instruments for reflection and self discovery. As action
learning facilitator, we have a role to make learning meaningful to the
members or inquire how the instrument brings meaning to them yet not
losing sight of the possible dramatic effect of some inventories in the
intersting labels.

On Fri, 14 Jul 1995 wrote:

> I just completed a qualifying program for the Myers-Briggs and was struck
> by how useful it can be for exploration personal learning styles. Does
> anyone know of books or articles which explore this?

Aaron PUN DPhil
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