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Fri, 14 Jul 1995 04:31:03 -0400

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I just completed a qualifying program for the Myers-Briggs and was struck
by how useful it can be for exploration personal learning styles. Does
anyone know of books or articles which explore this? I am new here, and
haven't looked at archives yet for conversations about learning styles. I
have been looking at Kolb, the McBer LSI, Bernice McCarthy, and just heard
today about someone named Gregoric. Where can I find the best thinking
and practices on exploring personal learning styles? (I am a trainer who
facilitates teams for career exploration and work search--in a context of
life purpose, core values and competencies, life-long learning. The
primary mode of discourse is dialogue. I have been following the work of
Peter Senge and Innovation Associates for years, and took the Systems
Thinking course this year. I work for a public agency in Massachusetts,
and it's part of my job to be engaged always in my own career exploration
and work search.) I'm excited about joining this conversation. Thanks.

Larry Hanawalt