Re: Clinging and grasping LO2116
Sat, 15 Jul 1995 08:12:02 -0400

Replying to LO2083 --

Martha's thoughts move to respond briefly--about language, intentionality,
the future, the possibility of creating community NOW. Being new on the
internet during the past week has been a transforming experience for me.
Sitting here in the stillness, contemplative, awake, I am also in a
conversation, or a network of conversations, which is global. The link
between interiority and public discourse takes on a whole new dimension of
possibility. Sitting here in the stillness, I can hear us thinking
The collective nature of language and thought becomes a powerful
experience rather than a concept. I am influencing and being influenced
by each voice.
But it is the silence, the contemplative stillness, which I wanted to
point to. Thought seems to come from that stillness. I have the sense
that the stillness--and I must admit that this is a contemplative
speaking--is LOGOS itself, the source of coherent (to use the word in the
sense Bohm seems to mean it in his talk about dialog) thought. I guess
I'm suggesting that by immersing ourselves more and more deeply into the
stillness, we are COMING FROM coherent thought, from common ground, into
speaking and listening. To me there is the possibility in that of
conversations which have an impact NOW, TODAY, in the way we live, behave.
To me there is in that stillness the possibility of common ground for the
global conversation which makes the unthinkable thinkable--like peace on
the planet in our lifetimes. Does anyone resonate to these chords? I
will see what today is like living inside of the possibility I just
mentioned and having that influence my way of being with my parents, who
are visiting, my wife, my children. . . .

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