Re: Clinging and grasping LO2241
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:03:54 -0400

Replying to LO2083 --

Jackie writes:

>>The database, which ideally would have replaced part of the
role of hierarchy through appropriate workflows, was used as a weapon of
control and influence. <<

Unfortunately, our culture is convinced that technology will, somehow,
save us. It won't. We can create and make use of what we think of as
useful technology all day long, but unless we become willing to truly deal
with what is causal, not only will we not gain the potential benefits
available to us as individuals and as a collective, we will continually
use ever-more powerful technology for gaining power and control.

Jackie's experience with the abuse (or misuse) of the technology intended
to create collaboration is pointed and instructive for everyone.

Nothing outside of ourselves will create collaborative, learning cultures.
Certainly, we can make wonderful use of all sorts of aids, technology
included, in the quest for creating what we at IBSAIL call a "union of
differences" - synthesis. But "things" do not create ways of being.
Things can create ways of doing. People create ways of being - and create
the things that can create ways of doing.

The language of the future speaks to use from afar, bringing us impulses,
energies and intuitions which we translate, through language, as best we
can. We mistakenly think that using the language of the future will,
somehow, create that future. And we use future-oriented technology to
shore up our collective myth that using language aimed at the future,
along with future-oriented technology will, somehow, create the future we
say we want. It won't. We must become that future, embody it, walk it,
not just talk it. Until we choose to do the necessary digging to operate
at a causal level, we, as a culture, will continue to "talk" the future -
not walk it.

The human specie has far more power and knowledge than we have wisdom. We
can create incredible things - but I fear the consequences of our
immaturity. And as we do create our future will all our actions today, our
adolescent blindness is dangerous and misleading.

Jackie's experience with the "hot stuff" company is a grand example of the
dangers lurking in the shadows of ourselves and our culture. Mature
collaboration, creativity and interdependence are required if we, as a
specie, are going to continue to evolve. Technology can be a useful tool
to aid us in our evolution but it cannot do it for us. At this point in
our maturation as a specie, we madly rush to the altar of the god of
technology and make our sacrifices in the hope that it answer our prayers
for safety and security. And we continually use technology for purposes
other than beneficial creativity and the common good.

All this is our choice. It is not easy, but it is much more simple than
we think. Our future will be created from our intentions, whether we are
conscious of them or not. And our intentions determine our actions.

Perhaps we will become willing to do the work necessary to become mature
learners, aware of our deep intentions as a culture, and grow into people
who are mature and wise enough to create the future of our intentions.
Perhaps not. Time will tell. -- Martha White Co-President IBSAIL

"Mature learners understand the paradox that, in order to know, we must
suspend what we think we know in honor of what we might learn." "Mature
learners are able to hold a hypothesis, explore new territory and
entertain new ideas without immediate and constant judgment. They are
able to feel ambivalent and ambiguous without becoming frightened and
angry. And they have the intelligence, courage and grace to try something
new, appreciate and build on favorable outcomes, and celebrate the new
knowledge generated by what they once referred to as failures and

Martha White