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Replying to LO2100 --

Replying to LO2055 and Myers-Briggs LO2100

>One question, however: Are you aware
>of any substantive research, even solid personal experience, which in any
>way connects MBTI types or application with effective work team
>development and performance.

>To me the message is simple. If you are going to use it, do it properly
>and make sure that people have more than a superficial understanding. Do
>not use it for the things for which it is not intended - particularly
>selection for jobs. Do work to ensure that people know how to make use of>
>diversity and recognise that, while Myers-Briggs (or any other instrument)
>is not necessary to achieve that, it can be very useful.

I reply:

I have used the MBTI extensively in developing team building activities,
improving communication, and problem solving processes in organizations.
The MBTI provides for a model and common framework to relate leadership
syle preferences with preferences of teams and team members. IT is a
"positive" model that recognizes the gifts that each member of a team or
organization brings to that entity !!

There are several research and other "Type" professional organizations
that do reserach and provide training and resources to apply MBTI in team
building and organization development settings.

The Association for Psychological Type publishes both the "Bulletin of
Psychologocal Type" and the "Journal of Psychologocal Type". Consulting
Psychologists Press in California also has many resources and texts on the
subject. There are several certifying organizations that also provide
materials and research results and other tools of the trade.

I agree with Bill that it is an instrument and resource that is a good as
the way it is presented and used in an organization. When an organization
and the leaders and embers of that organization embrace, believe in and
live out the concepts and belief systems and thinking behind the models,
it does make a big difference. I coach managers in the use and
applications of the MBTI toward continuous learning and growth of
individuals and the organization.

It is not a real psychometric instrument, as it is a human and
organization developemnt tool and model. It is very useful for effective
work team development and performance.

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