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Barry Mallis (
13 Jul 1995 08:04:03 -0400

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James Rieley, in his reply concerning problems with shared authority,
makes some good, obvious points, too. I'd like to coat-tail on his
comments by saying that I agree with the many, many observers who point to
the vast miasma of "middle managers" as the hardest nut to crack in power
sharing issues.

Sometimes these middle managers are the ones who have been promoted
because they are fine workers, good people with ostensibly positive
intentions. Yet too often these managers have been unconsciously, or (may
I use the word here?!) tacitly vested with the TRADITIONAL mantel of
authority and, above all, maintenance.

Now that I look at that word "maintenance", I think there's more to it
than meets the eye. I'll leave off and let another pick up on the idea if
there's a care to.

Barry Mallis