Re: Tacit Knowledge LO2037

Tue, 11 Jul 1995 11:37 CST

Replying to LO2025 --

As a short introduction, I have been _learning_ for a period of about 4 weeks
on these communications. I work for a governmental environmental agency in
Wisconsin. I have been involved in continuous quality improvement for many
years, however was formally given training in this area in 1989 and since have
quenched my hunger for additional information in this area in various ways.

In reply to the bowling story:

>> ... [would you need to] _unlearn_ ....

As a bowler, whose original average was in the 90's in 1970 and now carry an
average of 175...

I believe in this and other areas that it is not that we are _unlearning_ but
we are improving upon our methods, procedures, (whatever you want to call
them), that we are using. Such as the way we prepare a pie, or the way we
perform a job function. I would say that when I started my present job in 1992
I performed certain functions in one way then and made improvements with each
time I performed it the next time - taking advantage of shortcuts I realized
existed or was informed by someone else that they existed.

Do each of us see these types of improvements in our daily lives in the many
different areas? Like a better way to get to where we are going (and maybe
until a new or _improved_ highway/road is built - we reach a point where we
are getting there _the best way that we can for this moment_ - say until the
way we are going shows need of improvement (too much traffic?, not enough
scenery?, the need for different scenery?).

I hope I am not being too specific to one subject, I try to apply these types
of questions, evaluations, to many different facets of my job and personal
life. I sometimes even note when I have gotten _stalled_ - am not changing in
certain areas and need to give myself a _jump start_.

No, I do not think we _unlearn_ something - I can go up to a bowling lane and
throw a gutter ball - I remember how that is done!!

Suzan B. Acre  <ACRES>
WI Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WI  U.S.A.
WORK: (608) 267-7613