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Mon, 10 Jul 1995 23:53:59 +0059 (EDT)

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On Sun, 9 Jul 1995 wrote:

> suggest some of the tacit was "already in them"? With 9 games of bowling
> prior to joining a bowling league, in 4 months I became proficient enough
> (220 average in three leagues) to consider becoming a professional bowler.

In response to your bowling story, I have to offer this short memoir, as
a cautionary tale;^}

I had a short bowling career back in high school. I bowled with friends
maybe a dozen times in the course of the winter. My first game was around
250. My last was, oh, -10 or something: one ball jumped across into the
next lane. The scores of the intervening games were an approximately linear
interpolation between these two values.

What did I learn? I don't know exactly; but, whatever it was, it was
negative. It was something I'd have to _unlearn_ if I ever wanted to bowl

Is such a thing possible?


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