Input for Cross-cultural Trng LO2021

david swenson (
Mon, 10 Jul 95 13:20:48 CST

Hi all,

As some of you know I have been developing a tutorial software program on
appreciating and understanding international cross-cultural differences.
When completed, the program will be useful for diversification in the
workplace, international assignments, training and development, and
travel. I am in the final stages of revising and want to fine tune the
content. I would appreciate your help by responding to the following
questions. Thanks in advance!

1. What countries do you think are most important for American business
persons to be familiar with? (I already have culture sketches on Germany,
France, Russia, Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India, and Saudi
Arabia). Any other important ones I've missed (especially any African

2. The following content areas are presently included in the program.
Please rate the importance of them to this kind of program:

1=not at all 2=slightly 3=moderately 4=highly 5=extremely important

____Brief sketch of social and ____Resource list: books, tests,
customs of several countries periodicals, software, orgs.

____List of foreign owners of ____Self assessment inventories:
popular US companies Adaptability, food preferences,
language interest
____Role of women in various
countries ____Dimensions along which cultures
vary (e.g., time orientation,
____Reasons businesses globalize power/status distance, leadership
style, nonverbal behavior, etc.
____Customs regarding gifts and gift
giving ____Blunders in management due to
cultural misunderstandings
____Preparation for overseas
assignments ____Examples of successful business
ventures due to corrected cultural
____Expatriation conciderations misunderstandings

____Suggestions for communicating
with people who have language

Please list other areas you think would be important to include in this
kind of program:

Thanks again for your help! I'll post the availability of this
program soon as its completed.

David X. Swenson Ph.D. (
Associate Professor of Management
College of St. Scholastica
Duluth, MN 55811