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Sun, 09 Jul 95 10:52:24

Replying to LO1979 --

Dave Buffenbarger asks:

"Do any of you know of research or writings on this tacit side of

The writings of Max du Pree come to mind, especially "Leadership Jazz".
BTW, in my opinion the leading explorer in the realm of "tacit leadership"
is Tom Peters, who thinks he's doing something else. There's a lot to be
learned from Peters' anecdotes - which are almost always told to make some
other point - about the influence of tacit leadership on outcomes. Makes
you wonder about the value of all the energy we put into leadership and
business models, when it appears it's the "tacit" side, missing from all
the models, that actually makes the difference.

Dave, I'd be interested in further explication regarding the 11 leaders of
whom you spoke. It would be useful to know something about how their
futures compared, for example, and also what use the organizations made of
the difference in character between their leadership and that of others.

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