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Gary and Lilly Evans (100451.3477@compuserve.com)
06 Jul 95 09:29:12 EDT

Replying to LO 1938--

Barry, thanks for your suggestion. While I do not know whether and how
this interveaving may work, I would like to explore a more diverse set of

How about the stories that reflect different underlying cultures, both in
the purposes of organisation and their geographical basis? I am thinking
here about the question in LO1931 and examples of non-Anglo-Saxon
organisations plus some non-profit etc. While I am sure that in the
totality of this forum there is a fair number of people from countries
other than USA, UK, Canada and Australia - their contributions are really
rare. What do we need to do to make all commers welcome and interested in
being actively involved?

As a pragmatist, I ask myself, what would we learn from this? More
importantly, what would grab me to do it? At the moment, I have no idea.
Yet, I do believe that stories are critical. Can anyone help?


lilly evans
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"When individuals have looked beyond their familiar surroundings, when they have learned to read and travel, they have discovered that many strangers share their emotions and interests." Theodore Zeldin