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Robert Becker (
Wed, 31 May 1995 10:17:00 -0400

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On 5/30 Bernard Girard said:

>Interesting thread on competition & cooperation.
>In my experience [deletion] competition is
>cooperation. When I am without competition, I have to do all the job,
>explain, convince, show, etc, etc.. The client does not know anything. He
>has to learn.
>When I have competition, a part of this job is done by my competitors.
>They do it, I do it. I give informations on their products and services,
>when asked, so do they. Maybe I won't get the sale, but when I get it it's
>much easier, much simpler, much cheaper : the client has listened to
>others, he knows what he wants, he has a certain knowledge on the products
>and services I sell.

Fascinating. I had never thought of that kind of relationship. Without
really thinking, I had accepted a spectrum--competition at one end;
cooperation at the other. But competition as micro and cooperation as
macro fits my concept of universal process and interrelationships. Down
goes another seeming inconsistency in my philosophical underpinings. How

(I have been lurking since I signed on a week ago. Thanks to B. Girard for
bringing me out. Note to M. Girard. I once had some good friends by the
same name in Verdun.)

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