Competition & Cooperation LO1424

Bernard Girard (
Tue, 30 May 1995 09:06:19 +0000

Interesting thread on competition & cooperation.

In my experience (which is not in the insurance business, I would not like
to be in that business after reading Tom Burke), competition is
cooperation. When I am without competition, I have to do all the job,
explain, convince, show, etc, etc.. The client does not know anything. He
has to learn.

When I have competition, a part of this job is done by my competitors.
They do it, I do it. I give informations on their products and services,
when asked, so do they. Maybe I won't get the sale, but when I get it it's
much easier, much simpler, much cheaper : the client has listened to
others, he knows what he wants, he has a certain knowledge on the products
and services I sell.

Competition makes clients. Take of the competition and you'll see the
sales go slowly down.

Bernard Girard (Bernard Girard)