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D.Owen (
Tue, 30 May 1995 16:58:18 +1000

Greetings from Hobart, Tasmania - home of sunshine, progressive politics
and inveterate liars!

I have been lurking on this list for some months now and have found the
threads to be anything but bare and (most) of the contributions thoughtful
and (for me, at least) genuinely useful.

I have recently returned to academe after a dozen or so years as an
organizational change practitioner working in the public sector and in the
mirky realm of party politics. My research interest lies in the learning
of "civic competence" (the capacities required of us all as citizens
within specific organizational contexts), especially as it occurs in
diverse organizational settings -- the workplace, the community
organization, the social movement organization, the political party, etc.

Specifically, I am interested in curricular approaches to organizations.
I am aware of some of the work that has been done on
workplace-as-curriculum (but would appreciate references that others may
have found useful), and would especially like to track down work that
attempts to reframe other types of organizations in curricular terms.

Thanks in advance,

David Owen
School of Education
University of Tasmania
GPO Box 252C