Re: Incentives LO1377

Michael McMaster (
Thu, 25 May 1995 11:20:28 +0000

Replying to LO1359 --

Who said cooperation provides a "safe harbour". I find cooperation
to be at least as demanding as competition. (Actually I find
competition easier.)

My point is confirmed by your response. I can see all the things you
point out in your response. However do not have to label most of
them competition and find that the idea of competition being within a
larger domain of cooperation more effective and a better match for
living systems.

The most destructive element in nature is head-to-head competition.
sibling rivalry is the worst. Species preying on themselves won't
survive. We can distinguish scarcity and limited resources without
then translating the condition to one of competition.

If the world is tending towards increasing complexity, as I think it
is, then we are limited in the possibilities of being a part of that
increasing complexity if we start from a competitive framework.

I once met a guy who was suspicious of everybody. He was completely
justified in his experience and he saw the world through the eyes of
suspicion. There was not talking him out of it becuase he wondered
what I'd take from him if I succeeded. But I maintain it was just
his own world view. There wasn't a need "out there" for suspicion.

Michael McMaster