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Barry Mallis (
25 May 1995 19:37:56 -0400

Replying to LO1367 --

To Robert Levi regarding his thoughts in reply to LO1354

I like your observations, Robert, about how organizations suffer from not
giving time to concerted learning.

It's a wide open question, isn't it, as to the nature of this learning.
It is, I suppose, what this group is all about on the Internet. We do
learn as we go, that's been shown. If we are "paid for" learning, what
exactly does that mean? What aspect of learning? The MANIFESTATION of
learning in the product or service of the organization to which we belong?

So where does the vague boundary begin over which we cross into "frontier"
or "leading edge" or simply (sic) best-in-class? There's learning there,
too, but along with the learning comes a new characteristic: synthesis
which produces new service or product.

While organizations can provide the same old same old in better and better
ways, and do exceedingly well at it, others can and will find better ways
to serve through inventive, new service and product. These latter ones
learn from constant evaluation of feedback, voices among their own and of
the customers.

Someone wrote to me that "shift happens". Neat. I assume that shifting of
markets, like shifting of sands, comes naturally as long as the earth
turns and generates the winds of change. Learning occurs before, during
and after any moment of shift.

How a company seizes the opportunity is key to survival. Therein lies
expertise. Active learning is informed by rich consciousness, at least.
Poverty in the pocket may sometimes be related to poverty of
consciousness, as you say.

A poet wrote 700 years ago

In complete control, pretending control,
with dignified authority, we are charlatans.
Or maybe just a goat's hair brush in a painter's hand.
We have no idea what we are.

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