re: Grooming System Thinkers Summary LO1373

Paran Daman (
Thu, 25 May 95 14:56:32 EDT

Replying to LO1366 --

Here's some help on the books: Wrote:

| Flawless Consulting by ?
| The Fifth Discipline by Senge
| The Wisdom of Teams by ?
| The Digital Workplace by Gratham and Nichols
| Breakthrough Thinking by ?
| Reengineering the Corporation by Hammer and Champy
| The New Economics by Deming
| The Design of Everyday Things by Norman
| Design for Success by Rouse
| Tog on Interface by Tognazzini
| Debugging the Development Process by ?
| Controlling Software Projects by DeMarco
| ? by Goldstein and Alger


Flawless Consulting is by Brendan Reddy
The Wisdom of Teams is by Katzenbach and Smith
Breakthrough Thinking I BELIEVE is by Beth Jarman and someone else.

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