Change Management and BPR LO1365 -- (seeking cases for book)

Charles Haywood (
Wed, 24 May 1995 13:16:03 -0500

I've been approached by a specialty book publisher and asked if I could
help them put together and edit a compendium of short articles or essays
on change management issues as they relate to the implementation of
BPR-identified projects. They expressed interest in bringing an
international flavor to the compendium, rather than focus exclusivetly on
the American experience. We're not talking about big bucks for a
contribution (or the editing, for that matter), just an honorarium and a
lot of press.

Here are some general guidelines:

1) Studies, stories, and techniques from academics/consultants/practitioners
2) Discussion/analysis of actual BPR cases is preferred to strictly
theoretical pieces
3) Focus on actual implementation of BPR projects
4) Emphasis should be on organizational/change management issues
5) Cases should conclude with some important discovery or "learning" related
to BPR project implementation
6) Final submissions should be 20-40 typewritten pages in length

If you have any interest in contributing, know of someone who might, or
require additional information, please email me DIRECTLY at do not send inquires to the list.

In your message, provide at least a 2-3 paragraph description of the
case/topic, succinctly state your conclusions, and describe your
background and credentials. I must respond to the publisher by Friday,
June 2nd, with a tentative list so be sure to get something to me no later
than next Thursday (June 1).

I will respond to everyone who submits a proposal.


   Charles Haywood